Flower Power for Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing

Its becoming clear that nature and its botanicals has a powerful supportive role in the quality of our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. That’s why increasing numbers of people are naturally drawn to spend time in nature to enhance their daily wellbeing.

Last September my husband Stephen and I enjoyed the Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba, the Garden City in Queensland. For a short time, I lived in Toowoomba and enjoyed the exceptional public gardens, so it was lovely to return again.

For the last 74 years, every September this month-long celebration of flowers draws crowds of about 365,00 people each year and those numbers increase each year. Clearly, humans love flowers!


Image by Christine -2023 Carnival of Flowers
Image by Christine – Steve at Carnival of Flowers


Stephen had been under immense pressure with work and has been struggling with stress and fatigue. So, it was nurturing for him to take time out in nature to regroup, one of the best therapies that’s freely available.

Flowers, through their beauty and energetic presence, create a nurturing emotional environment for optimal psychological and spiritual support. Flowers have a universal language and relay messages of love, care and guidance which can be catalyst for truth.

From the first flowering plant upon earth to now, flowers play a significant role in the evolution and lives of humans.



Pinnacle Essence – Magnolia grandiflora similar structure to the first flower


In one of my favourite books – Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. Tolle describes the first ever flowering of a plant upon the earth as a momentous occasion. It was a significant catalyst bringing great change that would pave the way for much expansion for other life forms to come forth causing an explosion of colour and scent to a former green-only landscape.

As history shows, humans are increasingly attracted and fascinated by flowers for their spiritual development rather than as survival purpose.

“We will see the flowers may well play a critical role in the well-being of the human race.” – Eckart Tolle

Flowers provide inspiration in countless ways for the arts, decorating our homes, comfort to the sick, sending messages of love and being present in our spiritual rituals and space.

The beauty of a flower evokes feelings, emotions, reminiscence and inspiration, connecting to our innermost heart, unlocking the sacred doors of our soul. They transverse the beholder to heavenly realms returning with messages and wisdom, often through metaphors for spiritual development.

I’ve found nature is a key to unlocking the power of our senses – what we see, feel, hear, smell, taste and intuit, improving our frequency with truth. I know being in nature and around flowers makes me more sensitive and emotionally honest which is our authentic natural human state.

In 1998, I was introduced to flower essences and quickly adopted them into my daily life and work as a massage therapist and reiki practitioner. I was so passionate I soon became a national teacher in flower essences.

Each botanical has a unique healing quality which is gathered in the form of a vibrational medicine known as flower essences through the medium of water. This modality dates back to Egyptian times and used throughout the ages in various forms.

Native American prophesy has called this time ‘The Age of Flowers’. Various visionaries have predicted that flower essences will become one of the primary medicines of the 21st century believing they will assist raising our consciousness and contribute to improving our well-being. The more I experience the supportive benefits of One Garden Essences the more I understand the important role they’re offering to support this shift.

Forest bathing has become a known therapy. Harvard Medical School reports that spending time in nature, influences the way we feel, reducing stress, improving attention, boosting immunity and lifting mood.

Indigenous cultures across the world are known to sit among flowering plants to absorb the energy of botanicals for their spiritual connection and wellbeing.


Christine at Mount Field, Tasmania

The physical, mental and spiritual health benefits of walking barefoot in nature, known as earthing or grounding have been used for centuries. As a kid on the farm, I don’t remember ever wearing shoes and I still go barefoot when I’m gardening or bush play. I always come home feeling grounded and connected to the whole of me.


Christine barefoot in nature

At a time when our world is becoming more and more artificial, we need nature to remind us of essential truths of our human soul and natural existence. To help us recognise and discern the difference between what is real and fake.



I was reminded of this when I asked an Ai chat bot to comment on how they feel about a particular subject. It replied “I am an artificially-generated program therefore I do not have feelings and cannot comment on my feelings”.

I personally receive so much from nature, its blooming flowers and the strength of its trees. I’ve had some of the deepest healing emotional releases of childhood trauma whilst being in nature. Its the place I feel safest to be truly raw and honest. I often poured my heart out to a tree, it stands there strongly, securely holding space, listening, and judgement free. This makes it easier for me to connect and feel the love from God to cleanse and heal my soul. It’s a rich and abundant classroom and resource for resolving my pain and growing in love.

My soul passion work is in gathering the potent gifts and loving effects of nature and bottle them to be used in our daily lives. In doing so, we can be reminded of the true source of love and truth, to be inspired and supported in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by nature every time we take a One Garden Essence.

Much love,

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