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One Garden Essences have three ranges of flower essences. One Garden Divine Botanical Essences (88 essences), Deepening Essences (28 essences) and For The Love of Children Essences (40 and growing). 

Our essences are a natural preparation made from the energetic imprint of flowers and other botanicals. It is a form of natural therapy that is based on the belief that the vibrational energy of flowers and other botanicals can positively affect the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of individuals. 

Flower essence therapy has been used throughout history by ancient and traditional cultures. Well known people such as Hildegard von Bingham (1100’s), and Paracelsus (1500’s) created flower essences. Dr Edward Bach (1900’s), a former immunologist modernised flower essences known as the Bach Flower Remedies. 

We believe and experience nature to have potent and powerful qualities to lovingly inspire and support growing awareness and healing within individuals and communities. 


Every botanical on the earth has a unique and individual energy, character and healing quality. This energy is not visible to the naked eye but can be felt. Creating our essences is a beautiful, gentle and sacred process that involves the capturing the energetic imprint of botanicals into the medium of water.  Fresh flowers are placed in water or alternatively placing a container of water near a flowering bush or other botanicals such as trees, ferns, moss allowing them to infuse under specific conditions, for varying time frames whilst being exposed to sunlight or moonlight. The energy or essence of the botanical is transferred to the water, creating a dynamic energetic imprint. The water is collected and blended with a natural preservative of brandy.  The essences are then diluted into stock and dose strengths for use. 


Our essences function by interacting with the energetic essence of our true self, or soul, and its interconnection with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our soul is our core identity, and it expresses itself through both our physical and spirit bodies, which encompass things like chakras and meridians.

Our soul knows the unique path to our own healing. Connecting to this inner guidance and trusting the promptings from our soul is highly important.  During a consultation with Christine, the essences will also support the process by highlighting which area of our life to focus on and give you frameworks to understand the process.

These essences are like energetic vibrations or “songs” that influence the flow of energy within our physical and spirit bodies. This interaction addresses blocked emotions and feelings residing within our soul. Think of these essences as tools that gently help to loosen these emotional blocks and raise our awareness, allowing us to process our emotions.

It’s important to note that the choice to heal or not is a personal one. The essences serve as catalysts for healing, but the decision to embark on that healing journey rests with the individual.

Importantly, our essences work uniquely and intelligently with each person. They respect the principle of free will, never forcing change but always offering love and truth. In essence, these vibrational remedies function as supportive guides in our quest for emotional and spiritual well-being.

Everyone can use them – adults, elderly, children, babies and animals. They can also be use in the environment. The way our essences are created, enables the collection of energetic properties of the plants only. The physical and toxic elements are not included in these essences. There are no known side effects and are self-adjusting, naturally responding to the recipients unique and individuals needs. 

Having feelings and emotions arise and their expression is a natural, essential part of effective healing process. Emotional expression is a personal journey and responsibility. 

If you want to learn about emotional healing and processing, contact Christine for further information.

Emotional Healing: We understand and have experienced the truth that humans permanently heal through sincere emotional release. We also have latent qualities and talents that can be developed through exercise such as; faith, courage, passion etc. Each essence is associated with specific emotional qualities or themes. When taken, the essence’s energy intuitively interacts with the person’s free will, their choices and emotions; guiding, encouraging, cultivating and supporting the emotional process.

Awareness and Transformation: Essences can heighten self-awareness. Working in harmony with individual choices, the essences may bring buried emotions or latent qualities to the surface. This allows individuals an opportunity to acknowledge and engage in the process of these feelings, leading to personal growth and transformation.

Personal Development: Essences support personal growth and the journey towards self-discovery. By addressing emotional blockages and patterns, individuals can work towards becoming their natural authentic selves.

Complementary Approach: Essences are friends with everyone and used as a complementary therapy alongside other forms of healthcare and personal development program. We suggest our essences are perfect partners to somatic therapies, breathwork, trauma recovery, sound therapy, massage, art/creative writing therapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, chiropractic and many other healing or creative therapies. 

It’s important to note that the effects of essences are subtle and individual experiences may vary. They are safe and have no known side effects, making them suitable for a wide range of people, including children and pets. However, as with any form of alternative therapy, it’s advisable to seek guidance from trained practitioners or healthcare professionals,  if dealing with severe emotional issues or medical conditions.

There are a number of ways to use One Garden Essences. You can place 8 drops under tongue, alternative apply them topically, add them to a bath, food, beverages, massage oils, spray mists, or diffuser. Combine them with essential oils.  

It’s important to note that flower essences are different from essential oils. They don’t have a fragrance, and they work on different pathways ways in our physical and spirit bodies. Flower essences and essential oils harmoniously compliment and work together. 

The essences we create are derived from a diverse array of botanical sources found in Australian soil, with the exception of one essence that was created in Bali.

When we refer to “botanicals,” we encompass a broad spectrum of plant life. Our essences have been crafted not only from flowers but also from trees, seeds, ferns, moss, fungi, and even significant ceremonial moments like weddings where many flowers were present.

Our selection of botanicals is guided by a variety of factors. We embrace botanicals from tropical climates, arid regions, cottage gardens, flourishing “weeds,” vegetables, herbs, fruits, and even the gardens that grace our backyards.

We hold a deep appreciation for all the botanical species that are integral to our daily lives, as each possesses unique healing qualities that resonate with the challenges and experiences we encounter. Particularly noteworthy are botanicals that are often classified as “weeds.” These unassuming plants exhibit remarkable qualities that reflect the complexities of the challenges we face, and we hold them in high regard for their resilience and capacity to teach us important lessons.

In essence, our selection of botanical sources is a tribute to the diverse healing potential inherent in the plant kingdom, and our craft is driven by a reverence for the innate wisdom and vitality that these botanicals offer to enhance our lives.

Christine and others have learned, experimented and confirmed new understandings of the advantages and benefits with connecting to our emotions, triggers and pain as an effective way to heal permanently through emotional expression and processing. This is different to using only our mind to reframe our trauma and pain. One Garden Essences help with this process. Christine will be providing education and training in emotional processing in the near future. Christine can also guide you to trustworthy therapists that can also assist you. Contact Christine for more information. 

  • One of our greatest gifts as a human being, is the gift of free will. One Garden Essences work in harmony with the loving laws of the universe, therefore, One Garden Essences will always honour and respect your free will. They will never force something upon you that you’re not ready for. Your healing and the pace in which you desire to work is totally up to you. You get to choose.  However, in saying that, you may have offerings of opportunities, new openings to awareness, new feelings of curiosity which are natural as a human. To authentically and permanently heal requires emotional release. 
  • One Garden Essence won’t magically heal you or remove your soul wounds. Working with these essences is not a passive process. That’s your job when you engage your choice to go deep and feel and process your emotions. One Garden essences act like gardening tools, but as the gardener of your own soul, you have to be the force behind the shovel and bend down to pick the weeds out…so to speak. We don’t want you to miss out on the immense joy of your own liberation.
  • One Garden Essences do not replace primary health care. Never stop taking prescribed medication without the guidance of a professional doctor. One Garden Essences have no know contra-indications or side-effects and are safe to take with prescribed medication. They work in harmony with all other therapies. They love to be friends with everyone.
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“Nature itself is the best physician”


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