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Welcome to One Garden Essences! Our essences are specifically designed to provide nurturing support as you navigate the challenges and adventures of life. Think of them as trustworthy friends, embracing you as you are and understanding your needs with love, honesty, and higher wisdom.

We respect your autonomy, and these essences never impose upon you; instead, they gently encourage you to see things with honest reality. To get started, consider the area of life you want to focus on, and let your heart’s desires and instincts guide you as you explore our essences.

You have the freedom to choose from our three unique gardens, each offering a range of essences. The names of these essences help make connections, and you can trust your intuition to select the ones that resonate with you.

If you’re new to our essences, consider trying the “One Garden Divine Botanical Essences” range, which gently nurtures various aspects of your life, suitable for beginners and experienced individuals alike. For a deeper and more potent healing experience, explore the “Deepening Essences.” 

We are currently building our new garden “For The Love of Children Essences” and we’re gradually adding new essences. This new garden is focusing on support for children, trauma recovery and inner child wounding in adults and parenting guidance. 

Each garden of essences is created to support you.

These essences are perfect partners for all emotional release based healing techniques such as: trauma recovery, inner child healing, mental health, somatic therapy, breathwork, feldenkrais method, massage/body work, reiki, essential oils, crystal healing, sound therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching, art therapy, acupuncture, addiction recovery, relationship counselling, creative arts, animal therapy…basically for every situation. They are friends with everyone and have no known conflict or contra-indicators. 

If you find it difficult to choose,  book a personal consultation with Christine, the curator of these gardens, for guidance.

Happy Soul Gardening!

This website is new and we are still uploading information and products. 

If there is something that you are looking for but can’t find, please contact us with your query. 

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One Garden Divine Botanical Essences
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