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Welcome to One Garden Essences! Our essences are specifically designed to provide nurturing support as you navigate the challenges and adventures of life. Think of them as trustworthy friends, embracing you as you are and understanding your needs with love, honesty, and higher wisdom.

We respect your autonomy, and these essences never impose upon you; instead, they gently encourage you to see things with honest reality. To get started, consider the area of life you want to focus on, and let your heart’s desires and instincts guide you as you explore our essences.

You have the freedom to choose from our two (soon to be three) unique gardens, each offering a range of essences. The names of these essences help make connections, and you can trust your intuition to select the ones that resonate with you.

If you’re new to our essences, consider trying the “One Garden Divine Botanical Essences” range, which gently nurtures various aspects of your life, suitable for beginners and experienced individuals alike. For a deeper and more potent healing experience, explore the “Deepening Essences.” 

We are currently building our new garden “For The Love of Children Essences” and we will release this garden soon. This new garden is focusing on emotional support for children, addressing childhood wounds in adults or parenting guidance. 

Each garden of essences is created for you.

If you find it difficult to choose,  book a personal consultation with Christine, the curator of these gardens, for guidance.

Happy Soul Gardening!

This website is new and we are still uploading information and products. 

If there is something that you are looking for but can’t find, please contact us with your query. 

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One Garden Divine Botanical Essences
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Deepening Essences
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One Garden Divine Botanical Essence Blends
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Love Words

I wanted to share my experience with the blend flower cards and essence. From the moment I received them, I was touched by the care shown in every detail, including the gift of the blend essence “I love me”. I finished the bottle last week, and it was truly transformative. As I identified each of the single essences within it and separated the cards for self-reflection, I found the first lecture on their meanings to be very triggering. It forced me to confront the contrast between my present condition and what the truth would dictate. I spent a week processing the feelings around it, but slowly, I began to move toward a deeper understanding. It became less overwhelming, and I felt a glimmer of hope and faith that I could open my soul to receive these divine gifts. The flower cards have proven to be a powerful tool. Last year, I shared one of the exercises you proposed with the divine feminine and masculine flowers with an online group of women. To my surprise, the following week, two men joined the group, and one of them has been with us ever since. I thank you with all my heart for your work and loving presence.

Edneli from Brazil

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