About Christine

Hello, I’m Christine Cobden, and I’ve been the One Garden Essences “midwife” for nearly 20 years “birthing” 160 essences from various types of botanicals here in Australia and Bali. 

From the age of 3, as an innocent curious child, the lush Australian bush was my playground where I felt deeply connected and nurtured. I loved the flowers, trees, ferns, and creatures…everything botanical and natural. I loved the beauty, seasons, and rhythms of nature. It was my sanctuary from difficult family dynamics and trauma.

In 1998, I was introduced to flower essences by a native American Indian Shaman.  As I immersed myself in the essences it felt like a familiar warm blanket, a home coming.  I began teaching flower essences at a national level in 2001. 

In 2005, whilst meditating near Uluru, I had an invitation from a spirit friend to create a new range of essences – it was described like gathering flowers from a community garden whilst honouring all humanity as equal and embraced, all belonging to the One Garden.  

Being with nature is so much a part of me. Creating One Garden Essences has been like an adventure discovering new landscapes of my soul.  Its been deeply healing, with each essence guiding me to different parts and truths, revealing both trauma wounds and loving qualities for healing and development.  I found a deeper connection and natural non-religious relationship with God, my creator, whilst learning about the anatomy, workings, loving laws governing the human soul and how we authentically heal. 

I continue the journey of discovery and healing. At times I’m a tantruming child, resistant to change, hoping I can avoid the “emotional work”, but I always come back to the truth that I’m perfectly designed and equipped to resolve blocks and heal no matter what ails me. God and the essences help me in ways that are responsive and unique for whatever I’m dealing with. Things change for the better when I allow myself to be emotionally honest.

After three previous marriages and numerous relationships, in 2018 I married my soul mate Stephen and enjoy spending time with my grandchildren on the Gold Coast, Australia.


“Soul healing and development is about becoming a more loving, honest, transparent, accountable
and emotional human being"



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