We gotta get back to the garden


If you’re reading this, its most likely we share a love of flowers, nature and have curiosity about our lives as a human and how we can get better at doing life.

This is the storytelling space of flowers and nature delivered through the One Garden Essences and my adventures as their “midwife”. Since 2005 I’ve facilitated the “birthing” or creation of over 150 flower essences and counting. With every plant on the planet having healing qualities, I often wonder if I’ll be still “birthing” essences well into my 90’s. Each essence arrives with a wealth of inspiration, support and creation stories filled with wisdom to help us navigate the challenges and weeds of life. You can see why I love this God-given passion of mine and why there’s a lot of stories to tell with the intention to inspire with your journey.

Flowers are like children, they tell you everything!

AJ Miller

I’ve found nature is a potent and powerful healing influence and classroom. It’s a place of truth that I’ve come to trust through its consistent demonstrations of unconditional love. A tree stands day after day, never minding what state I’m in, allowing me to blurt out what’s going on inside, knowing I won’t be punished or shut down for being real, sharing the barest of my inner workings. Nature doesn’t dictate or harshly lecture how I’m supposed to be but rather listens without words, offers a centre point for me to gravitate to, a place where love and truth live. Nature is a deeply spiritual place that takes me to God, with whom I’ve found to be natural, loving, raw, honest, and with whom I can have a direct soul to soul, heart to heart connection without filters, religious doctrines or ritual.

I’m finding our human world is getting crazy fast, technologically driven and scarily artificial, making it way too easy to lose the who, what, how and why of our existence. Are you finding that too?  That’s why I love to go barefoot in nature as often as possible. Every time I hear Joni Mitchell sing “we’ve got to get back to the garden” I feel that truth in the bones of my soul – reconnecting to what is real, honest, and loving.

We’ve got to get back to the garden

Joni Mitchell (Woodstock song)

Nature was an absolute “saving grace” during my childhood. As a sensitive child, it was the place I felt the safest from challenging family dynamics. Now, nature and these essences are key to unlocking my life’s path, whilst offering nurturing, wise support, and guidance as I untangle the thorny clutches of trauma and falsehoods.

I really want to heal and grow my humanity, for not only me, but for my children, grandchildren, and generations ahead.

Because every time I heal, I literally unburden their future, this is the greatest gift I give them

These essences are in the category of flower essences (not essential oils), vibrational energy medicines collected directly from nature. The creation of each essence is a beautiful, sacred, and spiritual process guided by loving spirit and celestial friends with the intent to help us find our authentic identity and nature.

The image above was taken not long after dawn during the creation of the essence named “Healing” which is part of our new range For The Love of Children. This group of essences are a new addition to our other gardens – One Garden Divine Botanical Essences (88) and the Deepening Essences (28). They are offering support for specifically healing trauma recovery, inner child wounding and parenting support for our emerging generations. I will be publishing these essences soon when I get to know them better. When an essence is created, for me, I liken it to the arrival of a baby. After its “birth” I have to study the information gathered during the days, sometimes weeks before and after its arrival. I also personally take the essence to gain experience of its qualities. Each essence (154+) has been a welcomed gift for my own healing journal and spiritual growth.

This particular essence was created from the scarred spotted gum tree and the lush green moss at its base, came at a perfect time when I was diving into another layer of my trauma recovery. It helped me connect to more specific wounding that I’d been avoiding. As I connected with the cavernous scar and sticky cobwebs, I recognised and associated with the effects and how I felt with my soul injuries, helping the suppressed emotions come forward to be healed accompanied by floods of tears releasing the pain, washing the wound clean. The moss represents the soothing process. This nurtured encouragement and faith that indeed these woundings can be healed permanently. Afterwards I felt intense relief, like a huge force had been lifted.

Often when I’m working with an essence I have a song that comes to me that adds depth and further clues to its healing qualities and theme. With this essence, I had two songs – Only Women Bleed (Alice Cooper) and The Long & Winding Road (The Beatles). I disagree with Alice Cooper when he sings about how only women bleed from the heart, mind and soul, because men bleed too and need to heal their wounds in the same process…its the common human soul function.

I will be describing more in future writings. I hope you will be inspired to join my adventures with the essences and how they have been helping me and others heal, grow and love more. I will delve into different aspects and challenges of the Garden of Our Life with inspiration for your own life.

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I’m really looking forward to sharing these stories with you.

Much love,


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