01 – Royal Welcome


Tibouchina (Tibouchina urveilleana)

Keyword – Embrace

A generous welcoming flower offering embrace for the weary lost child feeling outcast and unwanted.

Imagine a beautiful botanical waiting at the entrance of a special place. It’s like a wise friend who gives warm hugs to children who feel lost and want to belong. Sometimes, you might be afraid to show your true self because you worry that others won’t accept you. Or maybe you feel like you have to do everything perfectly to fit in. But this botanical understands who you really are, and it appreciates and celebrates your unique qualities. It sees the real you and wants you to feel happy and accepted.


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β€’ Connection
β€’ Self-acceptance
β€’ Depression
β€’ Suicidal
β€’ Adoption
β€’ Facade




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01 – Royal Welcome

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)