88 – Gate Of Heaven


Two varieties of Blue Lotus Water Lily (Nymphaea nouchali)
Keyword: Sincerity

These two magnificent botanicals on a journey of evolving life. Emerging from dark, murky water, they grow upwards until they burst into beautiful blooms, showing the triumph of love’s stairs. Like these botanicals, we too travel through life, guided by our inner north star, following the path of truth. We have the freedom and power to decide how long this journey takesโ€”it’s all in our hands. This journey cannot be rushed, faked, or cheated. It requires sincerity and genuine intentions to make real progress. At times, we may feel stuck, but these botanicals inspire us to purify our intentions and sing the song of sincerity. This way, we become our most authentic selves, blooming beautifully just like those botanicals. Embrace your journey with truth and sincerity, allowing your inner light to shine and blossom into your true self.

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One Garden Divine Botanical Essences - 88-Gate of Heaven88 – Gate Of Heaven

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)