26 – Divine Wisdom


Antarctic Beech Tree (Nothofagus moorei)

Keywords: Higher education

This ancient tree has endured profound transformations and harsh conditions throughout countless ages, surviving unimaginable traumas. Could it hold some wisdom to impart? The most valuable life lessons are
often learned from the most experienced and accomplished sources. By seeking knowledge and applying the insights gained from others, we can bypass mistakes and advance rapidly. However, this botanical advises us to carefully discern deceptive motives behind false illusions and authority. It urges us to conduct our own experiments and investigations, empowering us to discover truth through personal experience.

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β€’ Experience
β€’ Emotional education
β€’ Superficial
β€’ Experimentation
β€’ Stupid




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26 – Divine Wisdom

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)