10 – Divine Truth


Red Riding Hood botanical (Dipladenia Mandevilla)

Keyword: Freedom

This captivating botanical beckons us to persistently sift through the fabrications and distinguish them from genuine truths. Much like Little Red Riding Hood in the fable, it compels us to embark on a journey of discernment. Our personal truths necessitate continuous refinement as we strive to harmonise them with the immutable and precise nature of reality. Embracing the truth, unwavering and steadfast, liberates us from the shackles of falsehood, setting us free.

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β€’ Confrontation
β€’ Honesty
β€’ Loving truth
β€’ Expansion
β€’ Lying & Deceit
β€’ Fear of truth




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10 – Divine Truth

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)