21 – Divine Trust


Pandanus (Pandanus tectorius)

Keyword: Assurance

Like the dependable daily rising and setting of the sun, we place our trust in its unwavering consistency. This coastal botanical is the first to greet the morning sun. However, when we experience betrayal, failures, and trauma, our trust can be shattered, leaving us wary and doubtful. We may even lose faith in our own capabilities. This botanical inspires us to explore and analyse our behavioural patterns, helping us recognise the underlying motivations behind our choices that have been influenced by past wounds. By gaining insight into these patterns, we can make better choices and experience success, gradually rebuilding trust within ourselves.

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β€’ Betrayal
β€’ Mistrust
β€’ Trauma
β€’ Experiment
β€’ Doubt




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21 – Divine Trust

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)