47 – Divine Tribe


Spreading Leaf Fern, Cone Tree (Petrophile penduccalata, Sticherus lobatus)

Keywords: Community and Connection

We naturally seek a sense of belonging within a community. Our first community is our family, and our families are part of a larger tribe that contributes to the universal community. While some people feel a strong connection and love within their communities, others may struggle to find their place. It’s important to recognise that our tribe is not solely determined by bloodlines, but can be found through a unique feeling of “home” that exists within us. Conflicts can arise when our beliefs and desires do not align with those around us. In some cases, these conflicts can escalate into destructive wars. However, we can find inspiration and guidance from the symbiotic relationships thriving in forest ecosystems. These relationships encourage us to seek creative ways to resolve conflicts and redefine our understanding of family. The forest botanicals remind us to explore paths and positions where we can peacefully coexist, even with differing beliefs. They invite us to embrace diversity and find common ground, allowing us to evolve our concept of what family means and how it can look. By fostering understanding and peaceful coexistence, we can create harmonious communities that celebrate our differences and promote growth and unity.

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β€’ Conflict resolution
β€’ Divorce & child care
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47 – Divine Tribe

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)