25 – Divine Sovereignty


Ceremonial Essence – six pointed star on geographical grid line connecting the essences to Education, Law, Government, Religion, Health, Finance

Keywords: Personal responsibility

Our soul possesses autonomy with innate healing abilities and the freedom to choose personal growth, regardless of our past or surroundings. This essence encourages us to contemplate our present connection between personal power and the key pillars of society. Our growth is hindered when we misuse or weaken our power through dynamics of bullying and victimisation. It is within our control to embrace the loving principles of truth and love, fostering growth, or to disregard them and fall into hatred, greed, or a thirst
for revenge.

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β€’ Bullying & victim
β€’ Rebellious
β€’ Blaming
β€’ Superior or inferior
β€’ Personal power
β€’ Tantrums
β€’ Autonomy




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25 – Divine Sovereignty

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)