44 – Divine Self-worth


Princess Tree (Paulownia tomentosa)
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In a worldwide pandemic of feeling unworthiness, fuelled by a destructive lie, our lives can be greatly affected by pain and destruction. But let this delicate and beautiful botanical offer you a deeply healing and transformative truth to absorb. You, and every human being, regardless of status, are immeasurably
precious and loveable in the heart of our heavenly parent. Consider how much you betray yourself by seeking approval through people-pleasing, overworking, or begging for love and validation. Whether a newborn in humble circumstances or a person of high rank, knowledge, or wealth, every individual is equally deserving of love and worthiness. Feel the sadness for how much you may have betrayed yourself in order to conform to a false legacy. Embracing this truth soulfully will restore your sense of worthiness
beyond measure. You are valuable and loveable just as you are.

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β€’ Boundaries
β€’ Unworthiness
β€’ People pleasing
β€’ Workaholics
β€’ Overachievers
β€’ Minimise self
β€’ Flawed self measurement




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44 – Divine Self-worth

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)