53 – Divine Prayer


Hippeastrums, Blue Quandong (Hippeastrum reginae, Elaeocarpus grandis)
Keywords: Ask God

The most loving and powerful act we can engage in is to pray with pure sincerity from our heart and soul. Prayer is not about following rituals or reciting fancy words; it’s a raw and honest emotional connection with our heavenly parent. When we approach prayer with deep sincerity, we can trust that our communication is received and responded to by the forces of love. In moments when we feel powerless, prayer becomes our source of strength. If our prayers seem unheard, it is important to examine our motives and purify them. Addictions and selfish manipulations do not align with love. These botanicals, coming together overnight in the midst of heavy rain, reflect a shining outcome in the morning light. They inspire and remind us to have faith, maintain pure intentions, and seek the highest outcomes and support
while honouring the loving universal laws.

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β€’ Be Heart-full not mindful
β€’ Sincerity request
β€’ Avoid Ritual
β€’ Heal Futility




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53 – Divine Prayer

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)