27 – Divine Nurture


Praxelis (Praxelis clematidea)

Keywords: Care & Kindness

Imagine being wrapped in the gentle embrace of nurturing care and kindness, watching as your heart blossoms into vibrant flowers of love and joy. Nurturance acts as the nourishing food for our soul, replacing harsh punishment or self-abuse with a compassionate touch. When we choose to shower ourselves and others with love’s tender care, our souls flourish. This delightful flower, so gentle and kind, invites us to reflect upon our patterns of nurturing—or lack thereof. Are we perpetuating the legacy taught to us, or is there an inner war preventing us from embracing the nurturing love we all deserve? Explore these questions with kindness and curiosity, paving the way for a more nurturing and harmonious existence.

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• Eating disorders
• Nurturance & love
• War with self
• Healthy food
• Caring




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27 – Divine Nurture

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)