24 – Divine Justice


Wild Tabacco (Solanum mauritianum)

Keyword: Law

The laws of the universe, set by a higher power, are loving, precise, and indisputable. They take into account every situation and administer corrective consequences that are both fair and tailored to each individual, irrespective of perceived status. We all experience disagreements and feelings of injustice, sometimes tempted to take matters into our own hands based on our flawed understanding of true justice. However, our view is often limited and influenced by our personal wounds. This botanical encourages us to
seek a higher perspective and deeper truths while also reflecting and seeking on our own emotional scars.

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β€’ Injustice
β€’ Higher education of love & truth
β€’ Revenge
β€’ Vigilante




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24 – Divine Justice

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)