45 – Divine Innocence


Banana Bell and Cobblers Pegs ( Musa acuminata and Bidens pilosa)

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A child is a precious gift, full of purity, innocence and unique qualities. Upon conception when the their soul arrives, theyโ€™re super sensitive and absorbent, unfiltered to the emotions, feelings, beliefs and influence of its parents, heritage and environment. These influences can either help them flourish or
hinder their development. The child expresses their needs and feelings through emotions. When they experience harmful events, it leaves emotional wounds on their soul, which can affect their behaviour and physical well-being. If these wounds are ignored, they can shape their journey into adulthood. These botanicals serve as reminders to pay attention to these unresolved wounds and work towards healing and finding resolution.

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โ€ข Inner child work
โ€ข Play
โ€ข Educational wounding
โ€ข Childlike wonder




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45 – Divine Innocence

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)