52 – Divine Humility


Australian Native Violet (Viola banksii)
Keywords: Emotional Honesty

Humility, in its true essence, means having a sincere desire and willingness to fully experience and embrace all of our emotions, whether they are pleasant or painful. Our souls are naturally designed to be in harmony with our heartfelt emotions, with a loving and honest approach. This is a vital part of our inherent self-healing system, as it allows us to release emotional wounds from our souls and create space for more love and truth to flourish within us. Embracing our emotions also contributes to our resilience, enabling us to rise stronger and wiser than before. This stands in contrast to using our minds to solely control and suppress our emotions. The goal is not to move our wounds from one place to another, but to heal and release them altogether. This small, delicate botanical carries a powerful message of truth, urging us to
embrace our emotions and be the authentic, emotional beings we were originally designed to be.

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β€’ Be Emotional
β€’ Avoid Pridefulness
β€’ Avoid Mindful deception
β€’ Avoid being stoic
β€’ True resilience
β€’ Release arrogance




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52 – Divine Humility

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)