46 – Divine Guidance


Amazon Lily and Elephant Ears (Eucharis x grandiflora-(Peru), Colocasia)

Keyword: Higher Guidance

We have a special connection to our loving heavenly parent that allows us to ask for guidance about life and everything else. These botanicals serve as reminders to show us how to connect with sincerity and wisdom. It’s important to be honest with our hearts, not just our minds, and truly desire to connect and be open to receiving guidance and feedback. Be alert with open ears and awareness for messages may come in different time and forms, like impressions and feelings. Messages from higher sources are always filled
with love and truth. Love never brings pain or harm to ourselves or others.

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β€’ Conscious connection
β€’ Higher authority
β€’ Gullible
β€’ Misguided




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46 – Divine Guidance

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)