57 – Divine Fearless


Ochoa (Ochna serrulata)
Keyword: Confident

Fear has a way of limiting the richness and joy that life has to offer. When we let fear control us, we stay small and timid, missing out on the exciting and enjoyable experiences that await us. This playful and comical botanical reminds us that life is meant to be different and far more thrilling than what our fears may lead us to believe. Fear often stems from false stories we create in our minds, stories that may or may not actually happen. By allowing ourselves to confront our fears, to shake them off and take reasonable risks, we may surprise ourselves with newfound courage and growth. One of the greatest unknowns that can evoke fear is what happens after we die. However, as reliable evidence and the experiences of others provide insights into the afterlife, we can cultivate more faith that life continues beyond our earthly existence. So, what is stopping us from being more confident and embracing life more fully? It’s time to shed our fears, step into our confidence, and wholeheartedly embrace the abundant possibilities that life
has to offer.

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β€’ Be Adventurous
β€’ Fear of death
β€’ Fear of pain
β€’ Fear of the unknown




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57 – Divine Fearless

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)