7 – Environment


Texas Sedge Grass, Giant Devils Fig, Cobblers Pegs (Cypress difformis, Solanum chrysotrichum Schtdl,
Bidens pilosa)
Keyword: Nurturance
Our surroundings yield the potential to either tenderly foster or impede our growth. A nurturing environment upholds and nurtures our genuine essence, while a hostile, erratic, and perilous one wrenches us from our core, leaving us adrift. Amid such trials, it’s easy to feel trapped, far from our authentic nature. For those in, or emerging from, such confining spaces, this metaphor of these botanicals offers solace. It encourages adaptation and the embrace of fresh, sustaining surroundings.
β€’ Abusive environments
β€’ Entrapment
β€’ Adaption
β€’ Developing trust
β€’ Open to new experiences

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7 – Environment

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)