5 – The Guardian


Formosa Lily, White Passionflower (Lilium formosanum, Passiflora subpeltata)
Keyword: Guidance
Children are entrusted to the care of parents and guardians, who shoulder the profound responsibility of steering, safeguarding, and nurturing their well-being until they can stand independently. Ideally, a nurturing environment empowers the child to uncover their inherent qualities, while offering secure boundaries and thoughtful direction. However, there are instances when guardians, driven by excessive zeal or absence, stray from this balance, potentially leaving the child vulnerable and open to harm. These botanicals prompts reflection on the significance of nurturing and appropriate guardianship. A child’s growth flourishes when embraced by loving, considerate guardians. Moreover, each soul is assigned a spirit guardian from the moment of conception, a steadfast companion throughout life’s voyage, offering steadfast guidance and support when summoned.
β€’ Mentoring
β€’ Abandonment
β€’ Spirit guardian and guide
β€’ Independence
β€’ Boundaries

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5 – The Guardian

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)