4 – Shapeshifting


Foxtail Grass (Pennisetrum alopecurus)
Keyword: Authenticity
Before conception, our souls are already crafted, infused with unique personalities, passions, and qualities. Our innate curiosity and playful instincts guide us towards embracing our authentic selves. However, sometimes parents and influential surroundings mistakenly assume the responsibility of moulding us according to their own beliefs, overshadowing our inherent nature. Instead of fostering an environment that encourages exploration and self-discovery, they embark on reshaping us. This process commences with trivialities like our hairstyle and attire, extending to our chosen fields of study. This metaphor likens our journey to that of a botanical process, urging us to unearth our individual souls and their distinctiveness.
β€’ Influences
β€’ Intervention
β€’ Self-discovery
β€’ Trends
β€’ Uniqueness

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4 – Shapeshifting

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)