3 – Shine Your Light


Blue Dawn Flower (Ipomoea acuminata)
Keyword: Confidence
Within us lies a treasury of capabilities and qualities, ready to radiate our brilliance across the world. This analogy draws us into the realm of a botanical process, inviting introspection into why we might cling to the security of the shadows. Our journey involves a deliberate self-audit, revealing why we hesitate to step into the light. Rather than measuring ourselves against others, we are urged to embrace our individuality, for within our uniqueness lies the absence of duplicates -save for the connection with our soul mate. Our soul inherently knows our desires for expression, and this comparison-free path requires patience and the grace to stumble along the way. Every falter contributes to growth. No matter the weight of the past, it need not cast a shadow over our future possibilities.
β€’ Authenticity
β€’ Shyness
β€’ Shame
β€’ Passion & Longing
β€’ Braveness

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3 – Shine Your Light

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)