15 – Kindness


Cupids Shaving brush, Little Ironweed (Lilac tasselflower, Emilia sonchifolia)
Keyword: Kindness
Kindness is a quality of love when we give purely to another. These two soft pink flowers from different families, powerfully symbolise the quality of unity and kindness. Fosters peace, friendship, and open hearts towards oneself and others. It has the potential to dissolve barriers of harshness and conflict when kindness is genuinely intended. It encourages daily acts of kindness in our lives.
β€’ Generosity
β€’ Open hearted
β€’ Softening barriers
β€’ Harshness
β€’ Peace

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Expressing kindness to self and others


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15 – Kindness

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)