12 – Friendship


Bell Vine, Yellow Rose (Ipomoea biflora, Rosa hemisphaerica)
Keyword: Companionship
It’s natural for us to seek companionship. The friendship between a small white bell-shaped flower and the yellow rose inspires love based qualities of affection, trust, honesty, and support. This essence encourages self reflection on our motives, intentions, and potential dependencies in our friendships. It helps with issues like struggling to connect with others or feeling that our self worth depends on the number of friends we have. It also reminds us to be a friend to ourselves and enjoy our own company.
β€’ Trust
β€’ Honesty
β€’ Co-dependency
β€’ Shyness
β€’ Motivations
β€’ Self-worth

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Embracing friendship with discernment


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12 – Friendship

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)