11 – Child of Truth


Pineapple (Anjas colossus)
Keywords: Upholding Truth

Across the universe, meticulous mathematical precision underpins every creation, forming the bedrock of absolute truths and life’s blueprint. The human soul is the highest and most complex of all creations. However, the waters of truth can be muddied by untruths. Countless misconceptions distort our perception, spreading falsehoods across the globe. These distortions alter our personal truths, often in conflict with the universal truth. This botanical demonstrates universal mathematical patterns and encourages us to seek higher truths because we cannot have love without truth, they are essential partners. Embracing real truth is the foundation for authentic love, a practical reminder that genuine affection grows hand in hand with embracing what is genuine and real.
β€’ Honesty
β€’ Self honesty
β€’ Absolute truth
β€’ Personal truth
β€’ Realness
β€’ Falsehood

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Telling the truth


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11 – Child of Truth

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)