One Garden Divine Botanical Essences Bunch Blends

Welcome to our collection of 12 unique essences, lovingly created to accompany you on deeper engagement, as you seek the root causes and resolution of your life’s challenges and blocks to personal and spiritual growth.

Allow yourself to meander amidst the diverse botanicals. Take a moment to linger beside the plants that resonate with your heart and soul. In this space, we encourage you to embrace your innate instincts, emotions, and meaningful connections.

Each essence in our collection carries a unique name, serving as a bridge to provide insights into which facets of your life’s garden require your attention most.

If you can’t decide, consider a personal consultation with Christine to help find the correct essences for you. 

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Creative Expression - Asparagus Fern or Bloodwood Eucalyptus (Divine Song or Divine Ecstasy)
Cleanse - Gardenia (Purity Essence)
Wealthy Life - Golden Chalice flower (Golden Chalice Essence)
Divine Woman - Fire Weed (Divine Feminine)
Authentic man - Red-head Cotton bush (Divine Masculine)
Precious Child - Banana bell (Divine Innocence)
Phoenix - Crepe Myrtle or Angelwings begonia (Divine Love or Divine Initiation)
Find My Path - Purple vervain (Divine Purpose)
I Love Me - Bangkok Rose (Divine Self Love)
Divine Yoga - Holy Fig (Divine Expansion)
Heavenly Food - Praxelis (Divine Nurture)
Road To Recovery - Prickly Pear (Divine Resurrection)
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